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Adzua Ayana Asha Amoa

"There must be a connection... We are two people in one body; Nanas' of the old and the force of the new"
                ~ Daughters Of The Dust

I will always be the 10 year old girl whose mother  left her behind and moved to a different state in order to make a better life for her children. That little girl who called her mother on the phone to sing to her as she cried herself to sleep. That was the first time I truly experienced heartbreak, and it was in that moment that I truly became an artist. 

We cannot heal if there are no wounds. My art heals. I ask people to meet themselves first and then through that lens meet other people. 

My work is about meeting people at their humanity and not who society molded them into.

I am an emotional being. I feel deeply in this world we live in and my art grapples at the depth that is feeling.  I meet people at their hearts.

In my work I hope that people see their own " little selves " and in turn see other peoples. I pray that from that place we can all heal.


My art reflects honesty, empathy , abundance and love. 


Art Heals.

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